Ultimate Support MC-40B Microphone Stand with 3-Way Adjustable Boom Arm

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Innovation and strength are the two cornerstones on which Ultimate Support has built their reputation.  The Classic Series microphone stands features a quick-release, quiet, and reliable clutch, built-in cable management clips, and super-stable bases.


  • Part Number: 15159
  • Stand Height: 36" - 63" (914 - 1600 mm)
  • Boom Length: 31.7" (805 mm)
  • Folded Length: 38.8" (986 mm)
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs (4.2 kg)


  • Three-way Adjustable Boom Arm
  • Stable Tripod Base
  • Quick-release Clutch

Three-Way Adjustable Boom Arm

The MC-40 features an innovative, quick-to-adjust boom arm that could not be easier to use.  With just one knob you can adjust the angle of the boom arm at the stand connection bracket (contrasted to the ground), the depth of the fixed-length arm, and the circular angle of the boom arm in the bracket.  This three-way adjustable boom arm means you can get your microphone exactly where you need it with the twist of just one knob.

Stable Tripod Base

With a durable resin base and legs that securely lock into place, the MC-40 is features a super stable tripod base.  What's more, in the unlikely event that any one of the legs should break, all three legs are detachable and field-replaceable.

Quick-Release Clutch

Many price-competitive microphone stands offer noisy clutch systems that are hard to tighten and release.  The MC-40 clutch is super quiet, reliable, and impressively easy to tighten and release - which is a nice feature in the middle of a gig when you have to make adjustments quickly, or when a lot of different people are using the same microphone stand in the same show.