Ultimate Support MC-125 Studio Microphone Stand wih Clutch, Counter Weight and Casters

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Ultimate Support's MC-125 professional studio boom stand's larger-diameter base and locking, rollerblade-style wheels provide a low center of gravity and extra stability.  Smoothly raise or lower height from 52" to 83" with a reliable clutch.  The long boom telescopes from 35" to 61" and features a friction-free clutch arm extension.  Also includes a unique, easy-adjust 5.75 lb counterweight for a stable microphone placement.  And the threaded shaft and boom sections provide quick set up and tear down for easy transport and storage.  The MC-125 is in a class all its own.


  • Part Number: 16124
  • Stand Height with Casters: 51.5" - 82.75" (1308 - 2102 mm)
  • Boom Length: 35" - 61" (889 - 1549 mm)
  • Caster Diameter: 3.75" (95 mm)
  • Base Diameter: 22.5" (572 mm)
  • Folded Assembled with Casters: 58.75" x 22.5" (1492 x 508 mm)
  • Weight: 35 lbs (15.88 kg)
  • Counterweight Weight: 5.75 lbs (2.6 kg)


  • Heavy Cast Base with Rollerblade-Style Wheels
  • Adjustable Counter Weight
  • Height and Length Adjustable
  • 100% Field Serviceable Parts

Heavy Cast Base with Rollerblade-Style Wheels

In the studio, you need a microphone stand that can go wherever you need it to easily and quickly, but then be as sturdy and strong as a concrete pillar when ready to record.  The MC-125 features rollerblade-style caster wheels for super smooth movement in all directions but lock in both rotating direction for zero movement when desired.  And, the superior 35 lb cast base gives the MC-125 the girth you need to anchor your microphone during any kind of recording session.

Adjustable Counter Weight

Depending on the size of your studio microphones, the angle of the boom arm, and the placement of the microphone itself, an adjustable counter weight on the boom can maximize the relative position of your studio microphone for added stability while minimizing the amount of vibration and force placed on the microphone stand.  The MC-125 features a 5.75 lb die-cast counterweight that is easy to adjust for just the right placement.

Height and Length Adjustable

The MC-125 has been called the "most adjustable studio boom on the market."  It ranges in height from 52" to 83" and the boom can extend from 35" to 61" to meet any studio's needs with perfect placement every time.

100% Field Serviceable Parts

The MC-125 studio microphone stand can be field serviced with replacement parts as needed over its VERY long lifespan (from the foot caps all the way up to the microphone adapter).  So, rather than throwing away a microphone stand when a part breaks, as is the case with competing studio microphone stands, with an MC-125 studio microphone stand you can simply replace the part and move on to the next session.