Ultimate Support MC-05B Microphone Stand with Quick-Release Clutch and Weighted

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Innovation and strength are the two cornerstones on which Ultimate Support has built their reputation.  The Classic Series microphone stands not only deliver features such as a quick-release, quiet, and reliable clutch, built-in cable management clips, and super stable bases, but they're competitively priced with microphone stands that, well, simply don't stand up.  The MC-40 and MC-05 microphone stands are the finest professional microphone stands you can find at entry-level mic stand prices.


  • Part Number: 13461
  • Height: 34.75" - 64" (883 mm - 1626 mm)
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs. (4 kg)


  • Quick-release Clutch
  • Stable Weighted Round Base
  • Easily Attached and Released Base

Quick-release Clutch

Many price-competitive microphone stands offer noisy clutch systems that are hard to tighten and release.  The MC-05 clutch is super quiet, reliable, and impressively easy to tighten and release - which is a nice feature in the middle of a gig when you have to make adjustments quickly, or when a lot of different people are using the same mic stand in the same show.

Stable Weighted Round Base

With a sleek, round, cast-iron base that is very stable and sturdy, the MC-05 is the stand of choice for schools, churches, bands, and other artists due to its traditional look and class-setting performance.

Easily Attached and Released Base

Quickly attach and release the base with just a few turns when, or if, you need to store or transport the base and shaft seperately.  The MC-05 features a self-locking mechanism that won't unthread unless you want them to.

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