Hosa DIB-443 SIDEKICK Passive Direct Box

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The Right Way to Send Your Guitar or Bass Sound Directly to the Mixing Console (Especially When Using Long Snakes)! The SIDEKICK Passive Direct Injection Transformer changes your guitar or bass signal to a low-impedance signal appropriate for sending down the snake to the house (or studio) mixing console's XLR inputs. No more buzzing and humming! Throw the "INST/SPKR" switch into the SPKR position to allow your amp's extension speaker output to drive the line, thus preserving that overdriven sound you worked so hard to achieve. Or use the INST position and plug your instrument directly into the SIDEKICK, for the purest, cleanest, noise-free signal at the mixing console. A GROUND LIFT switch breaks ground to help trouble-shoot and terminate 60 Hz "ground-loop" hum. NO BATTERY REQUIRED.

Just connect your guitar to the SIDEKICK, and connect the SIDEKICK to the console (or snake) with any standard XLR microphone cable, and you're on the air!