CBI 16 Ear Splitter Snake Box Rack with 2ft/5ft Transformers and Lifts In stock!

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C.B.I EarSplitter 16 Channel w/ Transformers and Ground Lifts. 

 w 2ft/5ft XLR Fan Snakes 

3 Space Rack Mount!

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In ear monitor systems have become a standard for touring musicians. Most commonly utilizing a small rack that holds all of the wireless transmitters, signal processing and a rack mount mixing board. The stage microphones and instrument signals need to be split to feed both the performer's system and the main sound system. 

C.B.I. has developed a splitter snake that will fit perfectly into this type of system. The all new EarSplitter can be built using only two to four rack spaces which split the signal to both monitors and front of house. 

The EarSplitter is available in 16, 24 and 32 channel configurations catering to in ear customers (see other auction). The trunk lengths can be customized along with options such as isolation transformers and ground lifts. Call for quote!

The EarSplitter design is simple and portable for any production considering in ear monitoring.