(6) Neutrik NL4FC-B 4 Pole Speakon Cable Connector Gold

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(6) Neutrik NL4FC-B Gold Contacts 4 pole cable connector with latch lock. Cable sleeve for cables 5 - 15 mm diameter. 30 A continuous per contact.


Electrical Specifications:

Rated current/contact: 30 A rms continous, 40 A rms 1 min. Dielectric strength: 4kV peak Rated voltage: 250 V ac Contact resistance: = 3 m after 5000 insertion-withdrawal operations Insulation resistance, initial: > 2 G Ohm, afterdamp heat test: > 1 G Ohm Inrush/outrush current capability (12 V source):300/30 A/200 ms Creepage distance: according to IEC 664-1 Mechanical Specifications:

Lifetime: >5000 mating cycles Retention method: Quicklock with latch Cable anchoring: NEUTRIK® chuck principle Cable O.D. range: 5 - 15 mm Cable retention force: = 220 N Subject to cable dieand material Wiring: screw-type terminals or soldering, 12 AWGstranded/solid Solderability complies with IEC 68-2-20 Material Specifications:

Contacts: Female: CuZn39Pb3 Securing element: ZnAI4Cu1, CuNi plated Housing: PA 6 30% GR Insert (FC part): PBTP 20% GR Bushing: PA 6 15% GR Chuck: POM Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C Flammability: UL94V-0 (housing), UL94HB Amplifier Wiring:

Stereo ("HIFI"): one NL4MP socket left channel pins1+/1- right channel pins 2+/2- Power ("PA) Standard: three NL4MP sockets "A" socket:left channel pins 1+/1- "B" socket: right channel pins 1+/1- Bridged mono: "M" socket: left channel pins 1+/1-right channel pins 2+/2- BI-Amp: one NL4MP socket low frequency pins 1+/1- high frequency pins2+/2- Cable Wiring:

Stereo ("HIFI"): NL4FC on amplifier end, fourconductor cable splits into two pairs with NL4FC on each end Power ("PA) Standard: a two-conductor cable for eachchannel with NL4FC on both ends Bridged mono: a special two-conductor cable, on bothends wired to pin 1+/2+ of NL4FC BI-Amp: a four-conductor cable on both ends wired to pins 1+/1-, 2+/2- ofNL4FC Speaker Wiring:

Stereo ("HIFI"): one NL4MP per speaker left speakerpins 1+/1- right speaker pins 2+/2- Power ("PA) Standard: NL4MP pin 1+ to speaker coil "+"NL4MP pins 1- and 2+ to speaker coil "-" Bridged mono: NL4MP pin 1+ to speaker coil "+" NL4MPpins 1- and 2+ to speaker coil "-" BI-Amp: one NL4MP socket low frequency pins 1+/1- high frequency pins2+/2-